the evolution of digital percussion.

Meet the Oval, the first digital handpan.

discover the Oval.

A revolutionary percussive digital instrument that allows you to play infinite sounds.

  • high tech design and materials

    On our aim to develop an outstanding instrument, we’ve put inside the Oval the best technology available. Multi-gesture sensors give real-feel performance, connectivity to fit every situation and long-lasting premium materials.

  • infinite sound capabilities

    Imagine hundreds of different sounds that you can apply endless effects on. Make a beat, loop it and start improvising harmonies. Want more? connect it to another music device. Sweet!

  • play on the move

    The Oval is designed to be lightweight and extremely portable. Pack it in its stylish wooden case, put the sounds in your pocket, grab a pair of headphones and go wherever your inspiration takes you.

  • create, learn & share

    The Oval app is a music learning tool for beginners, a powerful music making device for expert musicians and a platform to share creations with friends.

percussion reinvented.

We have skyrocketed performing up to a different level with a new generation of multi-gesture percussion pads.


Take control of your expression with highly sensitive sensors, this organic performing gives you complex possibilities such as multiple sound layering.

touch map

The X+Y location surface brings out new playing gestures like: touch, glide or swipe, put them together to generate new combinations of amazing sounds and effects.

plug & play.

The Oval is a digital instrument so it has to be connected –via USB or Bluetooth– to a smart device (phone, tablet, computer) where you can define the sounds, effects and parameters for performance.

The Oval app is both for iOS and Android, it contains high quality sound libraries ready to play. If you feel adventurous you can connect the Oval to other music devices or to your favorite DAW for endless fun.
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high tech meets music creation.

Simple on the outside, complex on the inside.


Surface made with Corian®, a stone-like high quality material, easy to clean, long-lasting, heat and scratch resistant.

sensor technology

8 percussion pads with gesture tracking, pressure sensitivity, X+Y location and RGBW LED illumination system.


Mac, PC, iOS and Android compatible via Bluetooth, MIDI or USB.

interactive smart lighting system.

The integrated LED illumination system provides visual cues to follow along when you play. Watch the metronome when playing improvisations or follow musical lessons to improve your performing skills.

designed to move.

We designed the Oval to be lightweight and portable, so you can enjoy playing music anywhere you go.

  • Easy to carry Shell
  • Battery life up to 8 hours
  • Only 3KG of weight
  • Compact and resistant
  • Handy measures

what's hot for me?

  • live performers

    The Oval is must for creative music performers, take it to the stage and let your personal sounds come out. Who knows? Maybe the crowd gets so excited that you end up controlling visuals and lights from a musical instrument.

  • production studios

    The newest generation of MIDI controllers provide expressiveness and a smooth performing experience. Explore the capabilities for percussion design that the Oval offers. It will soon become a studio essential.

  • music schools

    The Oval app (iOS and Android) comes with pre-installed music lessons and games, and provides cues for performance accelerating your music learning curve, leveraging the power of technology, gaming and sharing with an active community of users.

ready to play?

Choose your favorite color and get one of the first people to play The Oval.

technical specifications

  • included

    • The Oval
    • Universal Power Supply 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
    • USB A to B cable
    • Oval Skymask
    • Quick Start Guide
  • dimensions

    • Width: 420mm
    • Depth: 420mm
    • Heigh: 126mm
    • Weight: 3,4Kg
  • connectivity

    • DC IN 9V
    • Bluetooth 4.0 (MIDI over BLE)
    • USB 2.0 high speed
    • MIDI in / out
    • ADC input / CV output
  • pads

    • 8 Pressure and X/Y location performing pads
    • RGB backlighting
  • compatibility

    • iOS / Android / Mac / PC
    • MIDI devices
    • External foot pedal
  • hardware

    • RGB Lighting
    • ARM Cortex M4 Processor Core
    • Pressure Sensitive Sensors
    • Electric Field Sensors
    • Bluetooth 4.0
  • battery

    • Li-Polymer 7.4V 3450 mAh
    • Up to 20 hours active battery life
    • Charge via DC with the provided power supply
  • surface

    The material is a thick plate of Solid Surface.

  • colors

    White (Corian®) and black.

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