where the magic happens.

The app is the brain of the Oval, where you define the sounds you want to play. It contains a carefully selected sound library and lots of features.

a pocket sized band

With hundreds of different sounds, filters, and effects, designed to use on live performance and studio recordings. Play with default scales or choose the notes you want in every pad.

Upload your own sounds to the library, record your beats and loops to make a multitrack song without requiring other software. That’s where the possibilities become infinite!

multi-platform friendly.

The app is developed for iOS and Android devices (smartphones and tablets), and it connects to your Oval vía Bluetooth and USB.

Wherever you go, make music on the way.

first try,
second try,
you got it!

The learning mode is created for music enthusiasts, with interactive light-guided lessons to improve your skills. As you become a more experienced player you unlock new sounds and levels just get harder. But that’s the point, uh? It’s like having your sensei inside the Oval.

so now,
what's next?

We know you’ll love your Oval creations and would like to share them with other musicians.

So the next step in our project is to create an online community to connect Oval players from around the world, so you can share personal songs, sound libraries and musical lessons.

international shipping.

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